Monday, August 18, 2014

Today is my parents' 52nd wedding anniversary. So here is a small song for them--a poem from my first collection, Boy Land (Deerbrook Editions, 2004).


Dawn Potter

It was darker then, in the nights when the cars
came sliding around the traffic circle, when the headlights
speckled with rain traveled the bedroom walls
and vanished; when the typewriter, the squeaking chair,
the slow voice of the radio stirred the night air like a fan.
Of course, the ones we loved were beautiful—
slim, dark-haired, intent on their books.
The rain came swishing against the lamp-lit windows.
The cat purred in his chair. A clock sang,
and we lay nearly asleep, almost dreaming,
almost alone, nearly gone—the days fly so;
and the nights, like sleep, disappear without memory.


Maureen said...

I always marvel when I read about couples together for more than half a century.

Lovely poem, Dawn.

Dawn Potter said...

Thanks, Maureen-- I marvel too.