Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I promised you a comic interlude from the Subaru dealership, and here it is:

Picture Dawn and her two young men test-driving a ridiculously well appointed mid-sized sedan--one of those cars that feels like driving a couch. Picture one of those young men fiddling with the ridiculously powerful stereo system and coming across a My Bloody Valentine song, which he then proceeds to blast from the twelve surrounding speakers. Picture the three of them laughing hysterically as they tool up and down the roads and through the parking lots of the Bangor Mall. Our conclusion: what a great song.

It was the sort of car that none of us will ever own, but we spent an extremely enjoyable ten minutes in it. The rest of the experience was a more typical stressful oh-my-God-what-am-I-thinking-argh-car-salesmen-argh-prices-argh-dickering-argh-argh-argh-and-now-Paul-is-almost-late-for-soccer-practice-and-he-hasn't-eaten-lunch kind of day. But we did manage to come home with a Subaru Impreza: a car that does not drive like a couch but is a million times nicer than the aging vehicle that stranded me on the side of the road with a one-armed tow truck driver last month.

Now back to work.

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Ruth said...

Congratulations! Who needs a couch anyway; a couch is for nestling in to read on a cold Maine/New Hampshire day with a warm stove.