Sunday, August 17, 2014

There's a sense of late-summer bustle here in Harmony. The boys are getting ready to go back to school. The cucumber plants are overflowing with spiny fruit. Mushrooms are springing up in the forest, and the ferns are yellowing. The maples are sporting their first red leaves, and the robins are haunting the berry bushes. The season is rushing to its death.

Meanwhile, I am heading north on this rainy morning to play music at Stutzmans' Cafe in Sangerville. It's been a while since I've performed anywhere, and I'm slightly anxious about my ability to dredge up lyrics. Fortunately this is the kind of gig where everyone is too busy eating to concentrate on the musicians. So when I get the words wrong, the audience will be indifferent.

And tomorrow--dare I say it? Believe it or not, I am going car shopping. Stay tuned for comic updates from the Subaru showroom.

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