Thursday, May 6, 2021

Yesterday afternoon I went out into the rain and harvested these nine beautiful baby radishes, each about the size of a marble, with their greens still tender and edible. There are few vegetables more beautiful than a perfect radish, and they are an ideal crop for cool wet springs because they need only about 20 days to grow from seed to maturity. In Harmony I had lots of trouble with insect pests tunneling into the roots, but they haven't been an issue in my Portland garden. So far, this year's crop is in mint condition.

The day was notable for more than radishes: (1) Paul got his second vax and (2) I finished the bulk of a very complicated editing project. I have a very short appendix to comb through this morning, and then everything will be in the author's hands.

The rain has blown out to sea, and already I'm seeing glimpses of blue sky. I'll hang sheets on the line, and maybe go for a bike ride later, and keep reading the Odyssey, and, who knows, I might even write something new.

Whatever happens, I will be like this headstone, which Paul and I saw the other day on our walk.

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