Friday, May 7, 2021

Good morning! I speak to you as a person who has finished her editing project (at least until the author reviews it) and has no employment obligations until next week!

What an excellent feeling, like I've rolled a sandbag off my shoulders. I am so looking forward to my Friday, which will be sunny and mildish and possibly a fine day to go tomato-plant shopping.

Poor Paul was vax-sick all day yesterday--flopping around pathetically on the couch, bored out of his skull, and deeply antagonized by a sloppy Red Sox game. Here's hoping that's over. Funny how only the youngest member of the family got sick from the shot. The rest of us just shrugged.

In cat best-friend news: Jack and Ruckus vie for supremacy over Tom's parked truck.

In bird-sighting news: Peregrine falcon swoops low over the Whole Foods parking lot; mockingbird posing on a funeral urn performs a comedy sketch routine in the cemetery.

In Odyssey news: I have discovered that I am just like a Phaecian! "We love the feast, the lyre, / dancing and varied clothes, hot baths and bed."

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