Sunday, April 25, 2021

Yesterday was glorious: pure blue skies, and sunshine, and bare shoulders, and our first big bowl of spring salad greens, and reading Victorian novels in a hammock, and cooking dinner outside. Today will be cooler and cloudier and eventually rainier, but it will still be springlike, and I will still be dredging up delight. I do love spring.

The boys are planning a canoe daytrip for us, maybe for next weekend, into remote Brownfield Bog in western Maine. We need to get there before the black flies come out, so it will have to be soon. The canoe guide describes the bog as "a floodplain of the Saco River" filled with "lush vegetation. The thick bushes, reeds, and grasses make this wetland feel untouched. Wildlife like moose, deer, and Maine's large cats easily find camouflage in the thick foliage. While observing various waterbirds and looking for otters, paddlers may find themselves being watched." We are quite anxious to look for otters and to find ourselves being watched. Also there are supposed to be glimpses of the White Mountains, and that will give me a homey Frost Place feeling.

Today: I don't know what I'll be up to. The usual housework, I suppose. Reading books. Figuring out something to make for dinner. Maybe going to the grocery store. Undoubtedly weeding another thousand maple seedlings out of the gardens.

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