Monday, April 26, 2021

I have a new poem up this morning at Vox Populi: "Senior Photo: 1982." And what else is new? I don't know . . . let's see: I invented a quick spaghetti dish with garlic, ramps, preserved lemon, and a pound of diced haddock that turned out to be absolutely delicious. I went for a bike ride and saw this egret eating frogs in a pond:

I took this charming photo of sleepy Ruckus hugging his boy:

I lay on the couch in front of a wood fire and read the Odyssey and listened to baseball. And I did not do any housework.

Ergo, today will be full of duties: core class and editing and bathrooms and such, though refreshed by a phone visit with Teresa to chatter about Homer.

The forecast says "sunny and breezy." We do get a lot of wind, down here in the small northern city by the sea. The tulips are in high bloom; fancy late-opening narcissi are replacing the early plain yellow daffs. Trout lilies fill the back yard, and today I might find enough dandelion greens for Tom's favorite spring salad. The quince I share with my neighbor is getting ready to flower, and miniature lilacs are forming. I might try to go for another bike ride again: I'm trying to work myself into better hill shape, and I'm getting there, slowly and puffingly.

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