Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Yesterday I worked at my desk into the early afternoon, then turned on the Sox game and did various inside/outside chores: weeding garden beds, taking down laundry, tracking down bits and pieces of greens for salad. Today will be similar, except for a break in the middle to take Paul to Scarborough for his first vaccine shot.

But first I'm sitting on the couch, drinking black coffee and recovering from my dreams, which were very Arabian Nights-ish: genies, evil princesses, magical animals appearing from underground . . . and that reminds me: I should catch you up on the "Why It's Fun to Live with Paul Show."

Scene 1: Dawn and Paul are walking down the street and catch sight of two people on a porch struggling with a piece of furniture. Paul immediately breaks into (discreet) song: a Broadway-esque improv of an original number titled "Old Men Moving a Chair." Jazz hands are involved.

Scene 2: Dawn is finishing up a yoga class, and lying drowsily on the floor supposedly thinking about breathing and such, and overhears Paul listening to a football podcast discussing the draft value of various players . . . except that drowsy Dawn half-mishears it as "drag value." So after yoga's over, she asks Paul, "What's the drag value of Tom Brady?" and thus an hour is wasted as the two of them comb through the NFL lineups and discuss which players would look best in gowns and heels. (P.S. Tom Brady has very little drag value, but Jimmy Garoppolo is another story.)

Scene 3: Broadway improv redux: From the house window, Paul catches sight of a walker and breaks into song: "Big guy with a little dog . . . " He then describes the cast: a chorus line of ex-NBA players, all wearing outfits for shorter people, each with his own chihuahua.


Carlene Gadapee said...

I am now fully engaged in considering NFL players in gowns and tiaras. BTW, Brady has a twin sister.
Jimmy G's eyes would dominate, I think.
Pretty sure now-retired Vince Wilfork would make for an interestingly complicated choice of wardrobe.
Tedy Bruschi,

Thanks for the giggle!

Dawn Potter said...

Oh, Vince Wilfork! Definitely drag value!