Tuesday, April 6, 2021

I'm hoping to get into the garden this afternoon--mostly to do some weeding, as already the pushy maple seedlings and various obnoxious nameless sprouters are scrabbling for footholds. But first I need to get a chunk of editing done, and plan Thursday's high school class, and make a run to the grocery store. Also, I stayed up late last night, watching a disappointingly boring basketball game, so I might need to schedule a nap.

Paul has two more weeks to go at his pizza job. Tom is busy renovating someone's summer mansion. I'm cranking out editing pages. Mostly things are pretty quiet around here, though I've been splashing in a teeny puddle of social life: getting a haircut, visiting again with Holly and Matt, talking to Teresa about the Odyssey. We're still waiting for Paul to get his first vaccine appointment; I do wish that would hurry up and happen. And I've got a raw poem draft to fiddle with, but no time to work on it. Maybe someday.

But the radishes and arugula are up!

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nancy said...

meanwhile, up north, we are remote again.
so bummed.