Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Today is the day!--a forecast of 50 degrees and bright sun, and already I am full of fizz. My first outdoor project will be to bag up the brush pile in the backyard. Then, once that's out of the way, I can turn my thoughts to pruning roses and raking beds. Gosh, I might even hang a load of clothes on the line.

I do have some inside stuff to deal with: a meeting in the afternoon, some class stuff to finish up. But outside is where I want to be.

Yesterday I went on my first little bike ride of the season: just a tour through the neighborhood to start getting my bike legs back into shape. Today I might go on another one. Anything is possible, on the first day of spring.

I do feel giddy. Spring is my favorite, favorite time of year. So much hope bubbles up in me, no matter how old I am. The tender shoots; the soft air . . . they gobsmack me every time.

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