Sunday, January 17, 2021

 . . . and, yes, yet another kitchen stove debacle: I'm preheating the oven to bake bread, and suddenly there's a loud pop, and the lights dim, and the oven fills with smoke . . . argh . . .

After the smoke cleared and the oven cooled down, Tom figured out that the heating element had suddenly burst. Why would that happen? No one knows, but the bread dough went into the freezer and dinner plans were immediately revamped, and tomorrow morning I'll be on the horn to the appliance guy yet again.

Oh, well. Otherwise, yesterday was pretty placid, at least for me. I worked on my seed order, and read a murder mystery, and watched some football. Tom was busier, cutting boards and building his shop wall all day; and this morning he's already getting ready for part 2 of his active weekend: heading off to catch the ferry to Peaks Island to take pictures at the old WWII bunker. He's been working on this photo project off and on for months, and the relatively mild temperatures are giving him a last chance this season to spend some time there.

Back here on the mainland, I will muddle around with my own stuff . . . apparently going to the grocery store to buy bread, probably also cleaning bathrooms, ordering flower seeds, working on some poems, hanging out with Paul till he goes to work. I'm sure P will be in a very good mood now that his irrepressible Bills have trounced the Ravens and are headed to the conference championship game. I never expected New York State football to be a highlight of pandemic family togetherness. But here we are.

In other news: I wrote two more Accident Sonnets yesterday. One of them might be a keeper.


Carlene Gadapee said...

O stove woes.
Trust me, I commiserate. After last week's super nova burner issue, I trust nothing. It's fixed, the repair was relatively easy, but lordy, I'm in the wrong business. The service call cost 95.00 for a 20 min. visit. EGADS. At least, after a week's soaking and scraping and treating with Bar Keeper's, my pan is almost resurrected...burn metal and chili are not the greatest fragrance. Bleah.

Be safe, enjoy your quiet, and who knew? The BILLS?? It's 2020 all over the place.

nancy said...

And our freezer compartment gave up the ghost today (we had warning signs, like melty ice cream, but really). The jury is out on whether the refrigerator part will stay cold. Luckily, we are in for a few days of cold cold weather up here!