Monday, January 18, 2021

And it's Monday morning again.

Yesterday was quiet. Tom was on the island all day, and Paul and I puttered until he went to work. I reamed out a closet and cleaned a bathroom. We went for a walk and played a game and watched some football. I made salmon and scallion risotto for dinner.

Today I'll be copyediting an academic journal; prepping for tomorrow's talk; trying to sweet-talk the appliance guy into showing up ASAP; panting through planks and squats in my abs class. The weather forecast looks eh: maybe rain or snow, not much of either. I think I'll cook a pot of beans for dinner.

The Accident Sonnets are still showing up, still awkwardly.

The news is terrifying.

At first light, the gulls, airborne, sail in from the bay.

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David (n of 49) said...

Love this post but I feel obliged to protest hijacking the Canadian "eh" ("Ay") for a non-committal American "eh" ("Meh" minus the M).