Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Yesterday was hectic: three different meetings, plus editing, plus writing up Frost Place materials, plus talking with potential faculty members. But I got a lot done, and received delightful responses to the faculty invitations (hurray!), and my poetry group loved the poem I wrote during my writing retreat. So overall the day was a success, if also rather hair-on-fire.

Today it is supposed to pour rain morning till night, and I have no complaints about that. I'll be back at my desk, trying to finish up my giant editing project, and rain will sluice and spatter, and tomato sauce will simmer in the kitchen, and a wood fire will purr in the stove.

I keep trying to hang onto the notion of calm but not becalmed. Small beauties, routine comforts, warmth and lamplight, an engaged mind. I don't know how else to get through these weeks before the election.

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