Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Tom forgot to set his alarm this morning, so after a gasp and a flurry I'm finally able to sit down in my couch corner to write to you.

Yesterday's rainstorm was drenching, but today will be shiny and bright, and I'm looking forward to getting outside and congratulating my garden. I did manage to finish my first-pass edit through that giant project I've been working on, but already bits and pieces are returning to me from the author, so my sense of accomplishment was short-lived. In the afternoon I also found some time to do voting researching--reading up on all of the referendum questions and down-ballot candidates--and then had the great satisfaction of filling in the little bubbles next to BIDEN-HARRIS for president/vp and GIDEON for senator. May humanity win and the monsters retreat to the fens.

This morning I need to grocery-shop and then I've got an as-yet-unscheduled meeting to work out . . . and maybe I'll snatch some time to look at poem drafts or even, possibly, start thinking about the New & Selected.

I've been re-reading Alice Munro's The View from Castle Rock with such enormous pleasure. She never fails me. 

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