Tuesday, June 30, 2020

It poured rain all of yesterday . . . inches and inches of rain: a miracle. This morning everything is sodden: the sky looks ready to let loose again at any moment, but a robin is singing and singing in the gloom, and the garden glows, almost seethes, with a kind of inner green fire.

Day 4 of the conference: yesterday we had our final guest faculty talks and presentations. Today, the participants continue to present their sample lessons in the morning, and then we'll spend the afternoon listening to them read their poems. Tonight I'll be reading, and you can access it at this Facebook Live link if you're interested.

I feel like things are going well; I hope the participants feel that way too. I'm learning a lot, having to do this on-the-spot virtual dance. It's clumsy, but it has its weird charms now and again.

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Ruth said...

Yes things are going well. We NEED each other, the giving thoughtful community of other poetry souls and teacher souls.