Saturday, February 16, 2019

Why yes, here I am, making coffee at 4:15 a.m. on a Saturday. Gee, I bet you wish you were me. Yes, there's nothing like a full-blown insomniac attack to bring out ye olde inner cranky misanthrope. I suppose I could look on the bright side and chirp, "Good thing I have nothing more demanding on today's list than cleaning the refrigerator!" Or I could do what I'm actually doing, which is muttering about wasting a perfectly good unscheduled Saturday morning by being awake.

Oh, well. Happy School Vacation Week. I won't be in the classroom, but I will be working on curriculum and commenting on the high schoolers' drafts. And I've got two weeks left in my online essay class. And I've got editing to do. And I've got company coming. I'm sure it will be a fine week, once I get a night's sleep.

First, however, Tom and I have a familiar horrible experience ahead of us: it's "take a new headshot of Dawn" day, which we both thoroughly hate. You'd think a guy with a camera and a writer with a bookshelf could work out some kind of easy detente about this. But I am a bad sitter, and he is a bad coaxer. However, he does promise that he won't make the reflections off my glasses look weird, so that's something. I should be too old to fret about not being beautiful, but I think I'm justified in wanting to avoid looking like a giant housefly.

Anyway, why are you even awake reading this grumpy post? Go back to bed like a sensible person.

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Carlene M Gadapee said...

Best photos happen when you aren't looking. Maybe he can just stalk you all day? =)
Enjoy your coffee!