Wednesday, February 7, 2018

So lovely to see that some of you took yesterday's hint and did submit your applications to the conference!

I got home an hour ago from my whirlwind trip north, just as the first snowflakes began to swirl down from the grim clouds. During this morning's hundred-mile drive, I found myself being distracted by the quality of the sky. The subzero air was low and blurry and dense, punctuated here and there by chimney smoke, but otherwise very still, almost tense, as if something, somewhere, might be lying in wait. I was glad to get home and now I'm tempted to light the woodstove, not so much for the heat as for the light and the comfort. The day feels ominous.

Thus, I've also decided to make chili and chocolate-pecan cookies for dinner. And to drink a great deal of hot tea. And to read essays while being wrapped in a cat and a couch blanket. There are benefits to working from home, and couch blankets are one of them.

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