Wednesday, November 9, 2016

This is the morning that I did not want to greet.

But the Americans spoke, and some Americans were louder than others. They decided to replace our first black president--an elegant, urbane, thoughtful man--with a nouveau-riche lout, racist, and sexual predator, a liar and a bully backed by the Klan, a narcissist manipulated by his reactionary shadow-masters, a reckless leering sideshow itching to start a nuclear war.

Dark days lie ahead.

Like most of the rest of you, I hardly slept last night. But I did push myself to go to bed, to at least try to rest, because I can't lose my strength. I can't lose my courage.

And when I woke this morning, the first sentence I read was "I love you." In the pale hours of the morning, my younger son, devastated at the results of his first presidential election, beside himself with panic and fear, miserably ashamed of his people, sent me that balm.

Donald Trump, I dare you to come between me and those words.


Ruth said...

I am sickened by yesterday. And now we must bravely meet the gloating and the I told you so.
NOTHING comes between I Love You.!!!

I have yet to see what has happened here on a state level....perhaps there is an iota of good news.

Maureen said...

You've raised a beautiful boy, Dawn. Two wonderful sons, in fact. They and my only and the children of my other friends are where I place my hope now.

I was up till 1 and didn't fall to sleep until about 3. Virginia, thankfully, pulled through at the last and honored blue. The redding of this nation leaves me feeling deeply heart-sick.