Thursday, November 10, 2016

Since the election, I have experienced an unprecedented outpouring of love and solidarity from so many people in my life and beyond. Some came from my closest and dearest; some came from strangers; and it billowed from so many directions yesterday . . . though, to be honest, there were also many places I avoided entering. For the moment I cannot read newspapers or listen to radio talk. I am avoiding all Internet news sites. I feel as if I am trying to cope with being poisoned.

One other thing has happened: I spent all day yesterday writing a political essay that expands on some of the issues I began considering in my short essay about my Trump-voting friend. I hope to finish it and share it with the Vox Populi editors later today. One of the most despicable men on earth is about to be president of my country, but at least I'm grateful that his horribleness is pushing me to talk as loudly as I can.

Who knows what will happen over the next four years? The best we can hope for is an embarrassing monkey show. The worst . . . is so much worse.


Maureen said...

I'll look forward to reading the essay (which I hope Vox P. takes).

I admit I cried for a while yesterday. I was excited just by seeing a woman's name on the ballot, and I loved that women young and old placed flowers on Susan B. Anthony's grave after voting. My one consolation is that HRC was elected by the popular vote. We need to get the electoral college abolished. It's time.

Ruth said...

So true Maureen.
On a positive note, I go off to HeartCentered Multi-Age School this afternoon to do more poetry with the kindergarten and I am off to sing this evening..

Anonymous said...

Shakespeare's "never hung poison on a fouler toad" would seem to apply

Dawn Potter said...

Oh my God, yes. Perfect.