Friday, May 2, 2014

I'm heading south this morning to the Massachusetts Poetry Festival, where, tomorrow, Teresa Carson and I will spend the whole day behind the CavanKerry Press table at the book fair. We will be longing for company, so come visit us: we will save an extra folding chair just for you.

Please do send good wishes to my Ancient Pensioner back as it makes the long car trip from here to there. Also, feel free to nag my son to do his chores while I'm gone.

By the way, May 15 is the application deadline for the Frost Place Conference on Poetry and Teaching. So hurry up and apply because I really, really, really want to sit on Robert Frost's front porch with you.

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Ruth said...

I have begun to count days until THE conference. I heard from Michael Breen that he is coming too. Have a lovely poetry visit.