Sunday, May 4, 2014

I am exhausted, and my back still hurts, but I had a wonderful time in Massachusetts. People actually bought books. One of my favorite contemporary poets, Michael Casey, came looking for me to sign a book he'd already bought online. Just listening to him read has taught me more about the possibilities of voice and poetic line than I've learned from any other contemporary poet, yet I wouldn't have believed he'd even remember me, let alone go out of his way to buy my book. I am overwhelmed; I am still close to tears.

And then I came home to discover this review of the book in the Portland Phoenix.

Tomorrow I will talk to you more.


Maureen said...

Lovely to see "Same Old Story" getting attention. I finished reading the poems last night and now will start a re-read. So many wonderful poems here.

Ruth said...

How splendid!