Monday, May 28, 2012

And here I am in a hotel beside the airport. Our room is littered with middle school paraphernalia, by which I mean hair stuff, wet bathing suits, and a million socks. Girls are running down the hall. After having pretend chicken fights in the whirlpool, the children are consuming five large pizzas. One of them has borrowed the shoes off my feet and vanished. Fortunately here she comes, bouncing out of the elevator, ready to return them. But oh, look: she accidentally dropped them in the bathtub. She's very sorry. Well, not very but adequately. And now she needs to go eat more pizza.


Maureen said...

You will survive this.

One of the verification words, btw, is "sympathy".

Ruth said...

Sounds like you've had a more chaotic trip than My EEK WEEK Kamping trip last week. Blessings!!!

btw, one of my verification words is pieces!! ( of pizza?)