Thursday, September 10, 2009

I think this poem is one of Milly's best and that the third stanza is the secret to its success. My question is, Does the stanza also contain a dangling modifier? Or is it grammatically accurate?

Spring in February

Milly Jourdain

A damp wind blew from the west over the frozen ground, and for days a cold mist lay on the earth;

Then the sun shone out on little drifts of snow-drops in the gardens, and a pleasant wind dried the roads.

Coming up the long gray village in the late afternoon, the sound of thrushes singing all round me before the dark fell was like pure water.

And I was made more happy than I can say; and my happiness was like their song.

Now off to feed the greedy little goats and to pickle peppers. I have never pickled peppers before, and I am looking forward to it.


Mr. Hill said...

how many pecks?

Mr. Hill said...

I think that it is a dangling modifier and that it is poetically accurate.

Dawn Potter said...

Less than one peck.