Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So once again, I need your advice. In September I'll be reading with Maine poet and memoirist Elizabeth Garber, an event that the Maine Humanities Council will record and make available as a podcast on its website. The council has a number of these podcasts, which are intended to introduce listeners to working writers and literary history.

Over the summer, as a preview to the reading, the council would like to record us in a conversation focusing on why poets might choose to turn to memoir. Of course, we have to be prepared with questions to ask one another, and this is where you come in. What would you like to know? What makes you uneasy? What would you like to point out? Feel free to refer specifically to Tracing Paradise, if you've read it. Elizabeth's memoir is currently under construction, but I'm sure she'd be glad to share samples with interested parties. Just let me know.

We're excited about this opportunity, which may also morph into a panel discussion at the Stonecoast MFA residency this winter, including writers such as Baron Wormser and possibly Barbara Hurd and Ann Hood. So act now: get bossy, ask a few nosy questions, and see what we can invent for you.

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