Tuesday, May 26, 2009

    Do not expect me to explain who might still be in the classroom on July 1 . . . or even who has time to hire a poet at this late date. Nonetheless, I pass it on.

    Opportunity for Poets in Residence

High schools and middle schools


The Maine Arts Commission wants to further enrich the student/poet interaction inMaine’s schools.  Building upon the recently successful Poetry Out Loud competition the agency is offering schools up to $1,000 to bring a poet into their classes before July 1, 2009.


This is a new opportunity that allows teachers to bring a poet into the classroom before July 1, 2009. The money should fund a poet to come into your class and give a workshop or short residency, or you might bring in a poet to do a creative writing workshop.


The Maine Arts Commission is offering this opportunity on a first come - first served basis and based on availability of funds. First, decide the type of workshop you need. Second, contact the artist to determine availability, cost and scheduling arrangements. Go to www.MaineArts.com to find listed artists in the directory, or contact Paul Faria for assistance at 287-2790 or paul.faria@maine.gov . Finally, after contacting the artist, contact us to set up the details.


Please contact us if you have someone in mind that you've worked with before or that you've had a recommendation about and would like approval to work with this opportunity. This is very limited opportunity so the time to act is now. Workshops must take place before July 1, 2009.

Contact Paul Faria for more information at 287-2790 or paul.faria@maine.gov

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Maine Arts Commission said...

Thank you for sharing this information Dawn. Any assistance we get to spread the word about the literary arts is much appreciated.