Monday, January 17, 2022

Today's weather will be ugly: rain, snow, and high winds; and Tom has to drive to work in it. No holiday for him . . . or, really, for me either, though my work is scattier. Basically I was working all weekend anyway, what with all of this manuscript reading and website tinkering and class-announcement stuff.

Today I have got to clean the house. Paul and friend are arriving on Wednesday, and I need to get things in shape for that. Tomorrow afternoon I'll be working with my student poet, more editing is appearing in dribs and drabs . . . basically I've got a thousand and one teensy obligations to fit into the week, plus houseguests.

Let's hope the power stays on. The winds are supposed to be terrible today. But if it doesn't, I have a wood stove and cold pizza and a lot of reading to do.

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Ruth said...

Love the otter photo

little things are the basis of our lives anyway