Wednesday, October 6, 2021


Okay, now I've gotten that out of my system, I can return to my regular font. But, oh boy! What a night! And the win means postseason baseball for my birthday!

My parents sent me a sweet box full of little gifts yesterday, among them a blank notebook, which I immediately decided to inaugurate as my Dream Book--to sit on my bedside table with a pen, ready for me to transcribe my strange dreams as soon as I wake up. Already I've filled in two dreams, and I am very much enjoying the project. Everything sounds so hilarious on paper; I think this will be a great way to keep myself laughing, but also who knows what interesting drafts could arise from a Dream Book?

For instance, here's what I've got so far:


Setting: white farmhouse but with giant galleries of windows and odd open hallways.

Indifferent young person is holding me at gun point. Occasionally he shoots a bullet through a window. I am not very afraid of him.

The day is very sunny. The windows glint. Also, someone should wash them.

Eventually Tom shows up. This is not a rescue, except from boredom.



Important to practice my deep breathing exercises.

Some concerns about not washing dishes for the rest of my life.


Pretty good, huh? This is clearly an untapped source of amusement and material, but also I'm interested to see if I can actually make transcribing dreams a routine. History shows that I am good at habits but bad at diaries.

Today, I'll be back on the editing train. I'm juggling three separate projects at various stages of need, plus I have some Frost Place meeting notes to write up, a lot of Iliad to read, undoubtedly a bunch of other things that I can't recall at the moment, plus all of the regular house and garden stuff. Still, despite my flurry, I'm actually sort of caught up. I got my week's worth of contest mss read; I'm on the road to finishing two of the editing projects; and I seem to be writing in cliches but I am not going to care. Cliches have their uses, even if this blog platform won't let me insert the accent over the e.

My brain is lively and pinging this morning, so that's fun. I feel ready for action. Also, I have to rush off and fix something in a poem. Talk to you tomorrow.

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