Thursday, August 12, 2021

It will be beastly hot today, and I have to move a pile of bricks and paving stone out of my neighbor's driveway before her construction guys haul them off to the dump. So I'll be running the wheelbarrow and mowing the front lawn in lieu of enduring my morning exercise class. I can only dredge up a limited amount of stamina in the heat, and moving rock is hard. Still, I'm not passing up free bricks and stones. What kind of forager would I be if I let a little sweaty dirt stop me?

I have a bit of editing to finish up this morning (no doubt, after a long shower), and then I'll work on Frost Place stuff for a while. Already people are signing up for the chapbook class, which is great, and I've heard from several potential teachers as well. So I'll be sitting in front of the fan for a chunk of the day, messing around with programming ideas and class plans.

Paul called yesterday, and we had a long talk together, our first since he moved, so that was lovely.

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Ruth said...

Never pass up free stuff you can use!😏😻🙋🏼‍♀️ I recently loaded and then unloaded and then moved 3 carloads of pavers and 1 of old bricks!! And if the pump is off due to electricity...there is ALWAYS rainwater.