Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Yesterday felt pretty unbelievable. I spent the entire morning writing my conference talk, which is now done, done, done. Then I baked bread and vacuumed and washed floors, read quite a bit, did the usual laundry and watering . . . all the while knowing I'd passed the morning in deep concentration, probing a difficult topic, focusing on structuring a piece that morphs from talk into open conversation; and that I had the freedom of the house to do this; that I could pace from room to room, reading draft after draft aloud . . . 

Today, I've got a pile of mundane conference tasks to work through: finalize my syllabus, set up a conference web page, and shuffle through other such podunky projects. Supposedly rain will be arriving this afternoon, so I might try to squeeze in some weeding before it does. Still, the hours stretch before me: so many of them, and all of them mine to fill. I wonder what I'll do. I'm excited to find out.

In the meantime, I've been receiving the laconic text version of the boys' western adventures. For instance:

Dawn: Good morning! How's the view?

Paul: Full of prairie dogs

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Joy said...

"the freedom of the house" to pace from room to room. Isn't that wonderful! Glad you finally have it! (I long for it and will have it again soon, I hope.)