Saturday, June 5, 2021

 Gosh, what a great evening! Our first post-pandemic party was a joy . . . sitting outside around the fire, on a summer night . . . easy talk, homegrown food; the pleasure of introducing new friends to old ones; young people and their parents; everyone restful and so aware of the novelty of gathering.

I woke up this morning feeling relaxed and happy. And now the social whirl continues, because shortly I'm heading off to another gathering with old friends: to watch their daughter's baton recital . . . an event I have never before witnessed, so have no idea what to expect. My mother was a majorette in high school, and sometimes my sister and I whacked each other with her old baton. That is the extent of my experience.

So I should get a move on: take a shower, start the laundry, etc., etc. The boys are going canoeing today--making up for last weekend's washout--and the day will be a scorcher: 80 degrees and bright sun. I'll pick our first peas this afternoon, put in some transplants, and make something or other for dinner with leftover mussels.

Tomorrow James is arriving! The wonders never cease!


nancy said...

First peas already!!!! Oh, how wonderful!

Dawn Potter said...

The peas are ridiculously early!