Friday, June 11, 2021

Last night we walked to a Seadogs game and spent the evening happily clapping for strikeouts and bloop singles. This morning we're heading out on our first trip to see family since December 2020. I've got numbers of things to do before we leave--picking peas and watering everything in sight, in addition to packing--but I took a bunch of garden photos for my dad yesterday afternoon, and wondered if you might like to see them too.

Here's the Lane, with its three big healthy potato plants; lettuce, carrots, and beets in the box behind them.

And this is another view of the Lane, with a glimpse of the stone path Tom installed for my birthday and the cilantro garden beside it.

Here's the back yard: with the Bullpen garden in the foreground (Koji the Japanese maple and friends), fire pit to the left, new yellow chairs and hammock, and a semblance of grass.

Tomatoes coming up strong in the Breadbasket garden, though you can see how dry the soil is.

A view of the Terrace: peas, a cucumber, and a row of spindly beans.

Lantern Waste plantings: sedums and cushion spurge in front, scarlet runners climbing the pole, sunflower and zinnia seedlings sprinkled throughout.

And a vision of roses in the Hill Country: big white rugosa, the baby yellow tea rose, and a vibrant reddish-pink variety. What a year for roses this has been . . . they are magnificent.

 You may or may not hear from me over the weekend, but I'll surely be chattering again by Monday.

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Ruth said...

Travel easy as my cabbie friend says and have THE most glorious, splendiferous time possible.