Thursday, April 22, 2021

We've dropped back into March-like chill this morning: 33 degrees, with a windy high of 43 forecast for the day. Northern New England springs are always sliding back into winter. Still, the big maples trees are starting to fluff after yesterday's sun and rain, and by tomorrow soft weather will clamber back out of the basement. Little steps.

Tom got his second vax yesterday afternoon, and is tired but otherwise okay. I didn't even get tired; in fact, my arm pain was so slight on this second shot that I began to wonder if the doctor had injected me. It's curious how different people's reactions are.

Today will be yet another routine desk day, though this afternoon I'd like to get outside and plant the two shade hostas I bought yesterday and sow some parsley seeds in the herb garden. The backyard desert is already looking more garden-like, though most of what I've planted hasn't yet emerged from its soil. I'm particularly looking forward to the giant Solomon's seal, which should get close to 6 feet tall. Watching it grow will be like watching Jack's beanstalk.

Otherwise: Hanging out with my son. Maybe zooming with a friend. Doing some planks and squats. Eating leftover lasagna for breakfast.  Reading the Odyssey. Washing sheets. Ah, the sweet romance of life. And that is not an ironic statement.

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