Tuesday, April 20, 2021

This morning: a visit to Scarborough Downs for vax #2, then a side trip to the nursery to discover what alluring new shade plants are available. My experience with vax #1 was easy and I'm hoping that #2 will also be undramatic, but time will tell. The weather will be lovely, though, so if I'm flattened, at least I can loll outside in the hammock.

Otherwise: editing and plenty of it, and I'm still trying to catch up on housework. For dinner, haddock, either  breadcrumbed and sautéed with lemon, or poached, flaked, and turned into fishcakes topped with guacamole. Everything depends on the ripeness of the avocados.

Outside, the tulips are coming into their peak glory, the hyacinths are fading, red maples catkins are littering the gardens and sidewalks, the avenue of ornamental trees (cherries? crabapples?) on Lawn Street are opening their rosy blossoms, and so far no groundhog has moved into the hole under my neighbor's shed.

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Ruth said...

For me VAX #2 was super easy...just stay extra hydrated. This time it seems the older yu are the easier this VAX is.