Saturday, April 3, 2021

Happy Saturday morning: my coffee grinder is broken. Tea for breakfast, so it seems, and I'm not extra-excited about having to go grinder shopping today, in the midst of Easter cooking. One more obligation to add to an already very long list.

On the bright side, Paul and I sat chattering in the thin sunshine yesterday morning with our visitors Holly and Matt, and the fun of company completely outweighed how cold we all were.

Now it's freezing outside: a miserable, un-springlike 23 degrees, but eventually the temperature will moderate, and then tomorrow spring is supposed to come back.

In the meantime, I have a lot of prep to do, starting today. To begin, I'll cook the calamari and mix it with shaved fennel and red onion and herbs and lemon, and let sit in its juices overnight. I'll marinate the lamb in a yogurt and spice mixture, and I'll bake pita. I've got to acquire the retsina and, apparently, find a new coffee grinder, and do the vacuuming I didn't have time to do yesterday, and deal with desk-work issues, and . . .  

But, hey, we have electricity!

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