Monday, March 22, 2021

My plan yesterday was to lure Tom and his pickup into a gravel-shopping date to Lowe's, which I did, except that Lowe's didn't have any of the right kind of gravel, so I had to be content with five bags of organic garden soil. But with that refreshment, my garden boxes are now tidied up and ready for planting. The rest of the vegetable garden is also neat and ready: beds raked, herbs trimmed. Later this week I'll set up pea fencing and sow radishes and arugula and peas, and the growing season will officially begin.

Today, though, I'll be back to my desk--editing in the morning, planning for my high school class in the afternoon--plus cleaning the bathrooms I ignored over the weekend. At least maybe I can open a window in the bedroom while I work.

Paul has given a month's notice at his pizza job: step 1 in moving toward his retrieved life. He's also asked for Easter off, and the three of us are going to spend it together having a Greek Easter-themed day: grilled lamb, tzatziki, baked feta, calamari salad, retsina, and such.

I've been immersed in Wilson's Odyssey translation, which is a swift and compelling read, as well as in Diane Seuss's sonnets, likewise swift and compelling, though in a very different way. My head is stuffed with poetry.

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