Friday, March 19, 2021

I worked two different jobs yesterday--editing upstairs in my bedroom in the morning, zoom-teaching downstairs in the back room in the afternoon--and for some reason the situation struck Paul and me as funny: that the stairs were my length of travel.

Anyway, the class went well . . . though it made me very sad to see the kids on screen fully masked, unable to share their smiles.

Today, I've got a bit of an editing break while press personnel take a look at some samples I sent them. So I'll vacuum, and do yoga,  maybe work outside if things dry out any. We had a cold rain all yesterday afternoon and into the evening, and I'm eager to hunt for brave new growth. 

Reading-wise, I've been immersed in Emily Wilson's introduction to the Odyssey--which must be at least a hundred pages long and is full of information about archaic Greece, speculations about authorship, thoughts on what the play suggests about women, slaves, and other underclasses, an examination of geographic anomalies in Odysseus' travels, and so much more. It's entirely fascinating.

Oh, by the way, people are steadily signing up for the teaching conference . . . and lots of them are newcomers. This is very exciting, though I worry that some of our regulars may miss out on a place if they don't hustle. It looks like we're going to have a very interesting variety in teaching level, which is always an eye opener for everyone. I do love to watch grad-school faculty and primary-grade teachers start figuring out how much they can learn from one another.

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