Wednesday, March 24, 2021

First planting day!  With rain coming in tomorrow, now is the time. So I'll undergo my exercise class and my editing work in the morning, and then after lunch I'll carry my seeds outside and get to work. Peas and radishes, lettuce and arugula, maybe some green onions too. I'm short of seeds, so I'll be mixing in some of last year's batch, doing my best with what I have to work with. Any day now, my seed potato order should be arriving; I've got to buy ferns and other shade perennials for the new beds I made in the fall, some strawberry plants for the little side extension. Prune roses, cut down last year's ornamental grasses to make room for new growth . . . so much to do, and it's still only March.

In other news, young bullies massacre innocents. In American massage parlors and grocery stores. On Myanmar streets.

And Portland, Maine, is blanketed in fog.

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