Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Yesterday was full of excitement. The most thrilling development: I have an oven again! And not only that--Maytag decided not to charge me for the very expensive parts, even though my stove is no longer under warranty. My guess is that the situation with the oven is analogous to what happened with my car's transmission: the problem was endemic enough to make suave customer service seem like the better option.

So, hurray, stove! And in other good news I also had two separate phone/Zoom calls about potential teaching gigs, from my two very favorite teaching venues. And while I was on one of those calls, I watched a squirrel drag the suet feeder all over the backyard, so that was comic relief. And I finished an editing project, and I baked shortbread and read The Leopard and was proud of the Democratic house managers for taking such a moral and intelligent stance in the Senate.

Today: my  8 a.m. exercise class, and then I've got to prep for a conversation tomorrow about a poetry manuscript I'm mentoring, and then I need to look over some contracts and emails and such, and then I really do think I might begin sussing out the New & Selected. I've also got to shovel snow, and vacuum and mop, and figure out what to have for dinner (potential main ingredients: leftover boiled beef and baby portobello mushrooms). And today is Paul's day off, so we might also go hockey-stick shopping.

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