Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Yesterday's plan: Poetry presentation finished, and crossed off my list. Today's plan: Getting rid of Trump. FINISHED. And crossed off my list.

I am loath to jinx anything, given what we went through at the Capitol, so please, fates, please. Don't let anything go wrong.

We'll be lifting a glass of prosecco tonight. And I hope that bells will be ringing, cars will be honking, and that you, wherever you are, can let your shoulders soften and your jaw unclench.

Imagine if we were looking at another four years of Trump. Imagine.

* * *

In non-presidential news, my kitchen stove is in a bad way. Apparently, when the heating element blew (a normal occurrence), it also shorted out the electronic relay panel (an occasional occurrence), which is a part that costs $300, is not in stock at the repair shop, is backordered at the supply center, and will be available who-knows-when. So for the next several weeks (or months?), we will continue to have no working oven. Things could be much worse: the stovetop is fine. But oy, that repair bill.

And the poetry talk went fine, I think, I hope. A lot of people came, which was amazing. And some of them I didn't even know.


Ruth said...

Your presentation was exceptional. It was so reassuring to see familiar faces, but also all those people who so obviously care about poetry too. Your gifts are many, thank you for shaaring them.

nancy said...

I never get phone calls at night. But last night, I received TWO phone calls out of the blue from friends I haven't seen in six or seven years, so I missed both the beginning and the last half of the presentation. I wrote down two writing prompts (I would . . . if only and Write an autobiography of your neighbor's mother). Were there more? I would love it if you could share them. And, did you read any of your own works?

Dawn Potter said...

There were 3 prompts: I'll email you the packet, and the prompts are on the last page. No, I didn't read any of my own work; I was more in the mood to talk about other people's poems.

Carlene Gadapee said...

I am so sorry I was otherwise scheduled for last night. =(
That said--the oven! O no! For that repair cost, you might consider getting a new stove (they are about 100 more than the repair bill you just shared)--I know, I was pondering that option just last week. O what is life without an oven? I'm sure you'll be creative. I suspect you'll end up with an outdoor brick oven in no time. =)

Miss you. Have a good day. May we all have a good day.

Ang said...

Amanda Gorman was stunning today.