Friday, January 15, 2021

The Zoom link for my Poetry Society of New Hampshire talk is now available: Tuesday, January 19, 7 p.m.. Please contact Jimmy Pappas at to receive the link. My topic is "Inventing Character in Poetry" and I'll be focusing specifically on first-person inventions--possibly the most difficult and complex because they require the poet to exist inside a body and mind that may or may not resemble the poet's own. We'll be discussing three sets of poems, and each set will include a writing prompt so that you can try out the ideas on your own.

* * *

This morning I'll be taking a yoga class, and then I'll turn my attention to editing an academic journal and eventually writing a few more Accident Sonnets. I'm glad it's Friday. Tom's had a long week: working outside mostly, doing heavy framing work on an addition. Weather is hard on carpenters. Paul's back to slinging pizzas four nights a week, and I'm plowing into scholarly articles about medieval manuscripts, and altogether we are tromping heavily through the hours. Thank goodness for hot tea and clean sheets.

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