Saturday, December 5, 2020

Life is slightly hair-raising in the world of poet-tech this morning as I try to juggle the various mysteries of who's lost what link or hasn't signed in to which application. This is definitely a down-side of virtual meetings, and I fret about losing precious class time because of the muddle. Also, I can't solve any of this myself because I'm not the program administrator: all I can do is relay confusion.

Plus, New England is forecast to get a massive rain/snow/wind storm today and tonight, so power outages are likely.

Ah, well. Clearly the best thing for me to do is have another cup of coffee and let the clock tick.

Anyway, the poems are ready! The prompts are ready! 


Ruth said...

I'm as ready as I'll ever be..just double checking my supplies and lighting!!

Carlene said...

I welcome any time we can have...
can't wait!