Wednesday, December 9, 2020

I did sit down to work on that manuscript job yesterday, but then technical glitches arose and I had to return it to the author for repair . . . which left me with time to tinker on my own drafts . . . which tinkered up pretty well, so I sent them to a journal editor to see what he would think . . . and he accepted both within hours. As the Brits say, I'm chuffed.

So this morning: back to the errant manuscript job, plus supervising Paul's Christmas baking project, zooming a Frost Place meeting, soldiering through an ab class, and somehow I have got to get out of the house and go for a walk, even though the sidewalks are glare ice. That's a very sloppy sentence, but it's enacting just how I feel about this to-do list.

Hey, by the way: I do not think I have ever promoted a product on this blog before. But let me tell you about Maine Grains polenta cornmeal, freshly ground in my homeland stomping grounds of Skowhegan, Maine. This is the best polenta meal I have ever had the pleasure to use. It thickens beautifully, somehow manages to be both silky and textured, and tastes amazingly fresh. I stirred up a batch last night; then poured it onto a board and let it cool; then sliced it into pieces and  transferred it into a  baking pan of melted butter and chopped scallions; then sprinkled parmesan on top; then crisped it up in a hot oven. It was divine.

I also baked turmeric-and-pepper chicken wings and a fruit salad. That was a pretty good meal.

Reading news: I started Proust again!


nancy said...

Congratulations on the poetry submissions!
I convinced a friend to read David Copperfield along with me. She emailed to say that she got to Ch 3, where Murdstone is introduced, got the shakes and had to have another glass of wine, since he is just like her first husband. I hope she makes it.

Dawn Potter said...

Murdstone is dreadfully real.

Carlene Gadapee said...

I read David Copperfield one hot summer when I was working at the switchboard at my college (yay for work study jobs). Why? My fiance (at the time, now husband) said to me, "what? You've never read David Copperfield? And you call yourself an English major?" So I read it, an old, crumbling copy I had found somewhere--each page fell out of the binding as I read through. I finished it, and wanted to talk about it with G., who apparently had hoodwinked me. He'd never read it and had only seen a film version.
I got so annoyed...but not really. I loved the book. =)

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