Friday, December 11, 2020

A cold morning. Appliance guy is supposedly showing up again today, for round 2 of what's-wrong-with-my-stove. Yoga class at 9, a poetry manuscript to edit, presents to wrap.

Last night, for dinner, I made coq au vin, even down to the little braised whole onions, which was not only heavenly but also conveniently did not require an oven. 

I keep forgetting to mention that I've got a few events coming up in early 2021. The first is on January 19, an online talk I'll be doing under the auspices of the Poetry Society of New Hampshire. My topic will be "Inventing Characters in Poetry," and I'll be focusing on how poets fictionalize their speakers, experiment with points of view, and imagine new voices. I'll discuss a handful of poems that illustrate how various poets have chosen to create speaking characters in their poetry, with examples stretching from Dante up to the present day. It will be a free evening event, open to all, and I'll share the Zoom invitation as soon as it's available.

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nancy said...

The talk sounds great. Hope your oven has gotten fixed!