Thursday, November 5, 2020

Watching these election returns is like undergoing major surgery without anesthesia. It is excruciating. At the same time, I have become increasingly heartened by how capable and assured the elections officials have been . . . undeterred by the beastly behavior of the Trump campaign: just continuing to count and count and count.

Here in Maine we're sad; it felt like we really had a chance to get rid of Susan Collins, but no. Paul and I have talked extensively about why she keeps getting reelected; our speculations center around her persona of Nice Maine Lady, and District 2's deep distrust of anything smacking of "from away." Yes, they reelected a Democratic congressman, but he is a military vet who looks exactly like everyone's helpful grandson. Collins's opponent, Sara Gideon, was not born in Maine, is Indian-American, has the teeny little voice of a Valley Girl, lives in posh liberal Freeport . . . you get the picture. Once again, the Maine Democratic Party has made the mistake of believing that coastal liberalism can overpower the intense conservatism of the rest of the state.

Anyway, despite our Collins disappointment, I woke up this morning feeling like we have a presidential chance. Please, Fates: please make it so. 

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