Saturday, November 14, 2020

Heavy fog this morning, and 32 degrees, but the sun is beginning to break through. In a few minutes, I'll hoick myself off of this couch, get dressed, and go outside for a quick pre-work walk through the shrouded neighborhood. I'm looking forward to a weekend of poems, but a weekend of sitting will not make my recovering hip flexor very happy.

Yesterday I was invited to take part in an AWP reading: a collaboration via Zoom among several small presses and journals. So that's something to look forward to . . . a way to actually enjoy an AWP event, which I was never able to do in person because I was always so stressed and overwhelmed by the crowds.

Zoom can sometimes turn out to be a plus: who knew?

Well, I need to get off the couch now and go get myself ready for a day of reading, talking, thinking, writing, listening. I am full of delight at the prospect. I hope you have something equally sweet in the offing.

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Ruth said...

Best for yet another successful poetry weekend. I loved the first one you led!
Yes, Zoom has meant many pluses such as no driving, finding parking, packing for a trip, comforts of home, ability to go to events I could never ever have dreamed possible.