Friday, October 16, 2020

The garden is in its last beautiful throes. We still haven't had a killing frost, but the plants are weary, and the maple leaves are slowly shrouding them. Here you can see kale and fennel and collards, a few remaining marigolds and cosmos and zinnias and nasturtiums, with the massive street trees in the background. It all looks very soft-focus because it is. 

The Garment District, and possibly my last day of laundry on the outside lines. The clothes don't dry well this time of year: too much shade, too much damp, even on a sunny day. But I've always loved the sight of clean clothes in a light wind. 

Long ago in the spring, I planted this morning glory vine over the front handrail, and it did not bloom until this week. 

If you need any kale or collards, come and get them. Mine are more or less decorative at this point, as I have so much in the freezer already. They'll be rampageous till snow falls.

Soon I will have to fold up the little chairs and table, but for now they still decorate the Lane, alongside the boxes of late lettuce and cilantro.

On the other side of the house, in the Lurk, a new pathway appears among young arugula. I tossed the seeds just as a way to hold the new soil till it freezes, but the plants also make a pretty ground cover.

Baby Koji the Japanese maple survived the drought and is now preparing for dormancy, under the watchful branches of his very large aunts.


nancy said...

These photos made me miss Portland! I also loved your pics of Swan Island -- I lived in Richmond for a few years and remember the oddness of going to the island and feeling like I had gone back in some sort of odd time-warp.

Our NH county is now in the yellow zone. School continues to be weird. It's crazy how quickly I've become normalized to masks, desks in rows, "mask breaks," and endless sanitizing. I cherish every moment outside.

Dawn Potter said...

Winter is going to be particularly hard this year; I'm trying to treasure the season.

Take care of yourself. I fear things Covid-wise will be worsening quickly.