Monday, September 7, 2020

With the dark coming in so early, and the evenings cooling, the fire pit has taken on new charm. Last night Tom grilled lemon-marinated chicken breasts in the failing light, while I made stewed kale and a corn salad in the house. Then we sat at the little table, tucked close to the embers, and ate our meal, drank mugs of tea, stared up into the maple canopy silhouetted against the navy-blue sky.

Today Tom will finish the final stage of kitchen tiling: the grouting. I'm getting my hair cut this morning and then I'll come home and do whatever housework is possible to do during a house reno project . . . which is to say, not floors but maybe some dusting or closet cleaning. I'm also hoping to make some progress on the Shelley craft essay, which was on hiatus yesterday while I was mowing and trimming and grocery shopping and such.

A reminder: my October writing retreat is sold out; my November writing retreat is now half full. I am so excited about these sessions, and I hope you can find a way to join us.


nancy said...

Just signed up for November : )

Dawn Potter said...