Monday, February 25, 2019

 Monday again, and I'm back on the treadmill: teaching, editing, driving, errands, plus a poetry group meeting tonight. I'm not complaining, just being a pep-talking introvert. I have to work myself up into engaging with the kinds of stuff the rest of you deal with all the time. I wish I could do it as elegantly as you do.

Fortunately the weather forecast looks okay (i.e., no snow on the days I have to drive to school), and my teaching plans feel organized, and the house is clean, and I'm reading books I love, and I have a decent poem draft to bring to our meeting tonight. Tom spent yesterday framing and hanging artwork, so our walls are beginning to look less bare. I sewed and listened to part of a Red Sox spring training game on the radio--always a lovely harbinger of change. I am itching to dig and plant, though we're not even out of February yet. But soon!

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