Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The weather is terrible here: snow/rain/freezing rain/snow/freezing rain/rain . . . and the falling glop is supposed to continue all day today. Fortunately, it should clear out before our NYC travels on Friday.

Tomorrow morning I'll invent another assignment for Richard III readers, but after that I may be posting only sporadically till early next week. Or I may be posting New York updates constantly. You never can tell.

I got word yesterday that my next big copyediting project will be a new translation of four Euripides plays. This is very exciting! I've been editing a lot of poetry and novels lately, but this will be my first foray into drama, and I'm so glad I'll be getting this chance to re-immerse myself in the Greeks--not to mention getting paid for it.

Today: classwork, poem revision, Richard III reading, some sewing, some sidewalk clearing, pondering dinner possibilities, taking a slippery walk to the market, practicing the violin (I've decided to revisit Schubert) . . . and don't I sound like an aesthete? No one watching will know that I'm really just a misplaced central Mainer with the fidgets.


David (n of 49) said...

"...a misplaced central Mainer with the fidgets." :D

Carlene M Gadapee said...

I like your agenda for the day...nice variety, all soul-filling (except maybe the slippery walk). I need to learn how to reorder my time. I may use your agenda as a model.