Saturday, January 19, 2019

In surprising news, I slept till almost 7 this morning, despite the importunities of the cat. Now here I sit, unwontedly late, watching the weak sunlight filter in through the living-room windows. The sky is grim; we are bound for weather. But we've got ingredients for chicken cacciatore, blueberry-orange cake, omelets, salads. We have plenty of toilet paper and red wine and dry firewood. My snowshoes are itching for a walk.

Today, though, will be mostly just grey and portentous, so we're going on a little crosstown field trip to Westbrook see the famous spinning ice disk. And I'll also be dusting furniture, thinking about ordering seeds, wondering if I should start alphabetizing my books, working on my current sewing project, reading about the links between Napoleon and  Latin American revolutionary styles, copying out some Inferno, maybe submitting some poems . . . Anything could happen.


Maureen said...

There is another disk about 200 miles from there, according to what I read this morning; however, it's in a remote area. It was discovered by someone on a snow sled. These disks are one of the wonders of nature. Fascinating.

Dawn Potter said...

I've seen pictures of the small one; it's up north near Baxter State Park . . . closer to where I used to live. They are a wonder!